how streamlining your services creates fast results

Last week, I launched a new service for clients who want to continue working together after our initial partnership.

When I shared the opportunity with my clients, two people bought it immediately.

The same thing happened when I streamlined my 1:1 services in June. I thought it would take people awhile to get comfortable with the changes and buy. Then a dreamy client signed up for my new signature service right away.

I admit that I was surprised that I got results quickly but, in retrospect, I shouldn’t have been because I designed my new offers with intention, and with a lot of input from my clients and community.

On top of that, I had even more evidence that streamlining your services creates fast results. How? Well, I often see my clients experience this very thing when we make time to rework their service packages.

Take Elli, who streamlined her services to create more sustainable profits in her business, get out of the feast or famine cycle and reach her monthly income goals.

Or Gina, who replaced an outdated offer with a new, longer-term coaching package and sold it to a new client just a few weeks later.

Or Krista, who worked with me to design a simple group program and quickly got a paid beta group going.

I could go on and on with examples because when my clients get support streamlining their services, they’re rewarded with quick results.

"Streamlining my packages with Ashley was the thing that made the most impact during our partnership because it had a snowball effect in all areas of my business. It made my marketing so much easier because I had a clear focus, and it helped me become known for one specific thing, which allowed me to charge higher rates and helped me start getting pitched for different visibility opportunities."
--Elli Runkles, sales and launch copywriter

Streamlining your services will help you create more growth in your business, and you can see results quickly when you do this work with intention.

But, too often, I watch business owners wait to streamline their services because they don’t think it will make a big difference. Or, they don’t feel like they have the time or right support to do the work.

That’s why I’m opening up a spot to help one business owner streamline their services on a private coaching intensive this August. This coaching intensive is for you if…

  • You’ve been feeling like something is off with your services, whether it’s the features, the duration of your packages or your pricing, and you aren’t all that excited to sell them.

  • You know you’re offering too many services but don’t know what to cut and what to keep to make your business more profitable and sustainable.

  • You’re tired of feeling like your services look like everyone else’s and you’re ready to create something that can help you stand out and reach the next level.

  • You know it’s time to redesign your services to create the sustainability, profits and flexibility you want in your business.

If this sounds like you, you may be wondering how we’d work together to streamline your services. So here’s exactly what our coaching intensive would look like:

  1. We’ll pick a date for your intensive and you’ll complete a welcome questionnaire to lay the groundwork for our time together.

  2. On the day of your intensive, we’ll meet on Zoom for our private 2-hour intensive. I’ll ask you lots of questions. We’ll brainstorm ideas. We’ll evaluate what’s working and what’s not. Then we’ll get to work redesigning your services.

  3. You’ll leave the intensive with streamlined services that are profitable, sustainable and aligned with how you like to work. Oh, and you’ll be so in love with your new offers that selling them will be easy and, dare I say, even fun.

I want you to imagine the ROI you’ll get once we’ve worked on streamlining your services together. From my vantage point, I see you booking more clients, selling with more ease and creating more profits, sustainability and freedom in your business.

If you’re interested in learning more about the intensive – or are ready to book yours – just send me an email and I’ll share details about the next steps.

With love,


P.S. Remember that I only have one spot open for a coaching intensive in August so if you’re thinking this would be a great way to create streamlined services and set you up for success this fall, send me an email now and we’ll chat.