the step most people skip when streamlining their business

Here’s a common story in the online space: A business owner decides it’s time to simplify the foundation of their business so they can work less and live more. So they rework their message. They refine their services. They come up with a new offer that will increase their income and save them time. They map out a new, highly productive schedule that will surely allow them to get everything done.

Then they get back to work and quickly find that they’re just as overwhelmed and overworked as they were before they made all those changes.

If you’ve been in this position, you might think that it’s impossible to simplify and streamline your business. Or, maybe you just think that you did it wrong.

It’s not, and you didn’t.

It’s just that you likely forgot an important part of the process when it comes to simplifying your business foundation.

You forgot to stop and ask yourself how those potential changes were going to work in the context of your life. So what you created was simply a new version of your old business. Sure, it looked different than the previous version but it still wasn’t designed to suit your life or provide you with the freedom, fulfillment or flexibility you desire.

When I work with my clients to simplify their business foundation, this is the additional layer I bring to the process. It’s why I call this part of my coaching framework intentional business design. It’s why I always ask if the changes they’re making are based on their definition of success or someone else’s. It’s why I ask clients to make sure that changes will work not just for their business but also for their life.

It’s why we refine their service packages and ask can you deliver these services and the results you’re promising without working around the clock?

It’s why we run the numbers and ask does the way you’ve designed your business create the revenue, predictable profitability and sustainability you desire?

It’s why we look at their schedule and ask is this how you actually want to work (and will you have time to breathe)?

This may seem like a small step in the process of simplifying the foundation of your business. But it’s an essential step if you want to make changes that make a difference in how your business runs, and how you feel running it.

So if you haven’t yet streamlined your business foundation, consider this a cautionary tale - or maybe just a suggestion of something you can do to make the process of streamlining more impactful.

And if you’ve already tried to streamline your business foundation and thought you failed or thought it’s not possible for you, I invite you to try it again with this new information.

And, as always, reach out if you need any support.

With love,