where to start with your systems

If you really wanted to, you could create a system for everything you do in your business.

That’s good news because it means that you have lots of room to streamline.

But when you’re just getting started with systems, there is a drawback to having so many options to choose from: it can leave you feeling pretty overwhelmed.

This is why I encourage my clients to start small and focus on getting just ONE system in place.

And to prevent analysis paralysis when it comes to picking that one system, I suggest starting with the one that will alleviate the biggest bottleneck in your business.

For example...

If you told me that content production is the one thing that slows you down every week, I know we need to get a content creation system going for you asap.

If you say you constantly get bogged down with lead generation, I can help you create a system that makes it feel streamlined and do-able.

If you say the biggest bottleneck in your business is delivering your services, I can see that you need a system to help you better manage and deliver your client work.

Even though each of these scenarios is different, our goal is the same: we’re trying to create a system that eliminates the biggest bottleneck in your business so we can free up your time and create more space for growth.

To figure out which system you should start with, first ask yourself where is the biggest bottleneck in my business?

With love,