why I cancelled my August workshop and created THIS for you instead

This past spring, I met with my online business manager to talk about the events we had coming up for summer.

We batted around ideas and decided that August would be the perfect time to host my Simplify Your Schedule workshop. (Hang tight because this is not a promotion for that workshop. It’s a story about the surprising thing that happened instead.)

On paper, the workshop looked like a perfect pick. Time management is always a hot topic for overwhelmed business owners, and I knew my approach to scheduling could make a real difference in their lives. It felt like a timely topic for fall, and I’d taught this workshop before so I knew it would be easy to replicate again.

But as we moved forward with the workshop, I realized I had something else on my mind.

So we scrapped the workshop and created space for what I really wanted to talk about.

Because even though schedules and time management are important, I felt pulled to have a different conversation with you this fall. A conversation about what streamlining your business really looks like because, too often, people think it has to be this huge, overwhelming, time-consuming thing.

That’s just not how I approach it because I know that it’s not always practical or all that effective to do a massive overhaul to streamline your business.

I find that my coaching clients get better results and make more progress streamlining their business when we make small, simple shifts over time instead of trying to fix everything in their business at once.

So, this fall, I wanted to do something that would show you how easy and effective it is to take baby steps to streamline your business.

And that’s how Small Change September was born.

This isn’t a challenge. Or a workshop. Or a webinar. Or a masterclass. Instead, I’m spending the month of September revealing 20 small shifts you can make to streamline your business. I’ll do a livestream on each shift, and touch on topics like intentional business design, systems, growth strategies, mindset and more. And I’ll keep each livestream short and sweet so you can consume the content quickly and get back to your day.

I’m sharing this story to take you behind-the-scenes in my business and remind you that the simplest path forward is not always the obvious one. Because even though it would have been easy for me to do the scheduling workshop, the thing that felt the most aligned and easeful for me right now was to create something new for you this September.

And, of course, I’m also sharing this story because I’d love for you to join me for Small Change September so you can start taking small steps to streamline your business and see how simple it can really be.

With love,


P.S. Busy business owners like you often tell me, "I’d love to streamline my business, but I just don’t have time." So I decided to help you make the time and start taking steps to streamline your business during Small Change September: A Month of Simple Shifts to Streamline Your Business.

Throughout the month, I’ll jump on a daily livestream to reveal a small change you can make to streamline your business. (There’s 20 in all!) We’ll touch on intentional business design, systems, growth strategies, mindset and more - and I’ll keep everything short and sweet so you can consume the content quickly and get back to business as usual. After all, this is about creating more ease for you not adding to your overwhelm.

Will you join me? To sign up for Small Change September and find out what small shifts you can make to streamline your business right now, just click here.