you can pass off much more than you think

Last week, during a meeting with my online business manager, I decided it was time to walk my talk.

So I told her I’m ready to delegate more.

To be fair, I already feel like I delegate plenty of things in my business. My incredible team schedules my content. They handle the behind-the-scenes tech stuff. They design PDFs, track key metrics and help keep my business running smoothly and efficiently.

But this summer, I spotted a few bottlenecks in my business and noticed that I still had my hands in too many things. I realized that I needed to delegate more so I could spend more of my time and energy on the activities that will take my business to the next level.

My OBM agreed so I shared three additional tasks that I wanted to delegate to my team this fall. They weren’t huge tasks or even that time-consuming to do. But the moment we made a plan for me to pass them off, I felt like a weight had lifted from my shoulders.

More than that, I quickly saw just how much space we’d freed up for me.

Reading this, you might be wondering if there’s something more you could delegate. Here are a few questions to get you thinking critically about what that thing (or things!) could be:

  1. What’s one thing that I’m still doing that I don’t need to have my hands in?

  2. What’s one thing I’m managing that’s not really necessary for me to manage?

  3. What’s one small task I continue to do because I don’t think it takes that much time?

Answer these questions, and see what comes up. Then, finally, let me say this about can ask yourselves the questions above and even identify what you could delegate next. But it will be hard to take action if you don’t also address the beliefs that prevent you from passing things off in the first place.

Those beliefs may sound like:

I’ll just keep doing this task since it only takes a few minutes.

I have to be the person to do this task because it needs my personal touch.

I can’t teach anyone to do this task as well as I do so I better keep managing it.

It’s really not that big of deal for me to keep doing this task.

All of those beliefs could be true BUT they’re also likely holding you back from getting things off your plate. So remember that delegating is not just about identifying what to pass off. It’s also about challenging your assumptions. About letting go. About learning to lean in to trust.

These are not easy things for a business owner to do when they’re used to doing it all. But learning to delegate - and delegate far more than you think you need to - is necessary if you want to make time and space to grow to the next level and enjoy more freedom in your life.

Now tell me, what’s holding you back from delegating more tasks? Whether it’s something practical or a belief you’re holding on to, I really want to know and will reply with some suggestions to help you move past whatever’s holding you back.

With love,


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