how streamlining her business got Marissa into action

Simplifying your business can help you create more revenue, maximize your time and step out of overwhelm. That’s an absolute fact in my book.

But it can also help you clear the clutter, find your focus and finally get into action after months (or more!) of feeling stagnant and stuck.

That was Marissa’s story.

As a gifted life and career coach, Marissa had a beautiful brand, successful clients and her own podcast. But she’d entered a holding pattern in her business where things felt so complicated behind-the-scenes that she couldn’t figure out what to do next to grow.

Because of that, business was at a standstill.

In the past, Marissa had relied heavily on referrals to bring in new clients but realized that it wasn’t a solid long-term strategy to create predictable profits. Her schedule was all over the place but she worried that set working hours would restrict her creativity. And even though she’d worked hard on her business foundation, she knew she needed to refine her messaging, her services, her marketing plan and her systems in order to experience next-level growth.

On our very first session, I wanted to get Marissa into action. So we solidified her messaging and designed her signature services to create the clarity she needed to move forward. In the sessions that followed, we brought her more focus and ease by implementing simple systems and a schedule that allowed for both structure and creativity. Finally, we turned our attention to growth, mapping out everything from a simple content plan to a signature workshop to bring in new, more qualified leads.

As we made the changes in her business, Marissa discovered that things didn’t need to be so complicated - and that making them complicated had held her back from experiencing more success.

"Early on in our time together, I finally got it: business can be simple. In theory, I knew that it could be but it wasn't until working with Ashley that I could see that it could be true in my business."

After working together 1:1, Marissa’s business is more solid than ever. She finally feels good about her messaging and offerings. Thanks to her new systems and simplified schedule, she had time to launch a new mastermind that felt easy and natural. She also created a value-packed workshop to serve as a new marketing strategy, and landed a guest interview on the Clarity on Fire podcast. (Shortly after it aired, she booked 9 coaching sessions and a new 6-month client!)

Most importantly, simplifying created the clarity Marissa needed to get into action, and now she knows her next move and the one after that.

The thing you need to know is that Marissa didn’t get here because she immediately jumped into a long-term coaching partnership to simplify her business. She got here because she was willing to have a simple conversation with me to see if streamlining was even the right next step for her.

I’m offering you the chance to have that conversation too, and have opened up extra time in my calendar next week for three business owners to talk 1:1.

So if Marissa’s story resonated with you, book the call. If you’re tired of feeling stuck, book the call. If you’re getting the nudge that simplifying could be the best next step for you, book the call. And if you’re even at all curious what it would look like for you to simplify and streamline your business, book the call so we can talk about what it would actually look like for you.

These calls are free and only 45 minutes. Most importantly, it could be the start of an incredible transformation for you and your business.

To book your free 45-minute session, just click here - and remember that I only opened three extra sessions next week so grab yours now before they fill up.

With love,