the marketing strategy that will drive results for years to come

People often ask me why I’m such a fan of marketing my business through guest podcast interviews.

Besides the fact that it’s fun, the biggest reason I focus on guest podcast interviews is that I know this strategy will drive results for years to come.

When I appear on a podcast, I know I’ll get some great traction right away. But I’ve also discovered that the interviews will keep expanding my audience and creating new leads long after the episode airs.

Let me illustrate this with something super tangible. Two years ago, I appeared on my friend Robyn’s fantastic podcast, The Feel Good Effect. When it first aired, I booked about a dozen consults. That alone was a great result but that one little interview has done much more for my business over time. As Robyn’s podcast and audience have grown, it’s continued to grow my email list and introduce new members to my online community.

This summer, I even booked a new client who found me through that interview even though it was two years old.

Like I said, this marketing strategy continues to pay it forward. And the most beautiful thing about that is that it doesn’t require any additional effort on my part.

The same thing is true for every podcast interview I’ve done. But this idea of marketing your business once and reaping rewards for years to come applies to more than podcast interviews.

You could also…

Teach a guest workshop inside a membership community or someone’s FB group, where your training will live in the archives for new members to access in the future.

Write a guest blog post for an online community or digital platform, where people will be able to discover your content for years to come.

Create a training to serve as the bonus for someone’s course, where new students will find it year after year.

You get the idea. The point is to look for marketing opportunities that have the potential to drive results long after you finish your part. It’s a great way to leverage your time and energy and will help you consistently get in front of new people without requiring more work.

Now tell me...are you utilizing marketing strategies that will continue to drive results over time? If not, which of the ideas I listed above are you most interested in trying?

Comment below and let me know. (And yes, I will probably respond with some helpful words and possibly a free resource to help you explore your idea further.)

With love,


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