why I could double my working hours this fall (but won’t)

This fall, I’ve reached a stage in life that many parents dream about - especially parents who work-from-home and flex their hours around their kids: my youngest is in kindergarten.

It’s a big milestone for her and our family but that’s not why I’m telling you about it. I’m telling you to explain why I could nearly double my available working hours this fall.

When I realized how much more time I had available to work, I really thought I would work more. I even spent the summer thinking about ways I might use that newfound time. I considered opening more spots for client sessions. I thought about doing a few more coaching intensives each month. I dreamed up ways that I could use the time to focus on a big, new project.

But when I put pen to paper to redesign my schedule for this new season, I realized that I didn’t really want or need to work much more to reach my goals. I realized that I just needed to restructure how I used my time to create more focus, intention and ease in my business - not to mention more freedom and flexibility in my life.

So instead of doubling my working hours, I’m keeping a 25- to 30-hour work week and making changes to better use those hours.

For example, I’ve swapped the times and days I do my sales calls and coaching calls to better suit my new schedule. I’ve scheduled my most important work in the a.m. when I’m at my best, and plugged the reactive work (hello emails) into my calendar at the end of the day when I know my focus is lagging. And, I’ve started giving myself the last week of the month to focus on big picture projects - and little else.

These might seem like small shifts but they’re already making a big difference. My business is running smoother and my week already feels more streamlined. Plus, these shifts are also helping me make space for the things I value in my life outside of work, among them a Thursday yoga class, a Friday day date with my husband and volunteer shifts in my kids’ classrooms each month.

The fact that I’m able to reach my goals in business without working more is really a testament to my simplified scheduling approach. Because when you design your schedule with focus and intention, you don’t need a ton of hours to run a productive, profitable, sustainable business.

Now I’d love to hear from you. So comment below and tell me: what’s one small shift you can make in your schedule to create more focus, intention and growth for you?

With love,


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