Bold MoM, Balanced Life

A 6 Month Group Coaching Program to Find + Pursue Your Purpose Beyond Motherhood

You are an amazing mother who ABSOLUTELY loves being a mom.

And yet, you don't feel completely fulfilled by motherhood. Because even though you love your kids, you're also a bold, talented woman who wants to make a difference in the world too.

You want MORE. You want to create and contribute and do meaningful work. You want to feel motivated and inspired and intellectually stimulated. You want to reclaim your identity beyond being a mom. You want to show your kids what's possible when you go after your dreams. And you want to find something that will allow you to have a purpose outside of motherhood and still be a present, involved mom who has time to take care of herself and her family too.

The only Problem Is you don't know How. You don't even know where to start.

Yes, you're tired of feeling isolated, uncertain and overwhelmed but you don't know how to find the focus or the time to explore your purpose. You don't know how to deal with the mom guilt that shows up at the mere thought of prioritizing you and your dreams. And, honestly, you're not entirely clear what your dreams are. You do have a rough idea (or more likely many possibilities you're considering) but you aren't clear on the details. It all still feels a little fuzzy and vague.

On top of that, you're worried what people will think about you when you say you want to be more than a mom. You're worried that whatever you decide to do won't be worth the time it takes away from your family. You're worried that you're not good enough or smart enough or capable enough. And, you're afraid that you're setting yourself up to fail because you're not even sure it's possible to have a balanced life that allows you to be a great mom AND a bold woman doing her work in the world.


So let's Address that Issue First. Because you need to know Right Now that you don't have to choose between being a great mom and making a Difference in the world.

You can have both. 

You can Be BOTH a great mom AND A Woman pursuIng Her purpose beyond motherhood.


It is NOT an impossible dream. 


Hi, I’m Ashley Gartland and I'm here to support you in pursuing your purpose beyond motherhood. Because I know it's possible to live a bold, balanced life that allows you to be a present mom and a woman making her mark in the world too.

Why am I so passionate about this work? Because I've been in your shoes and I know what it's like to feel like you have to choose between motherhood and your purpose.

A few years ago, I was a new mom myself. I wasn't feeling engaged with my career anymore but I didn't believe it was the right time to go chasing my dreams. So I settled for waiting and dedicated myself to motherhood. But the truth was I felt lost and uninspired. And by the time baby number two arrived, I knew I had to make a change.

That's when I finally admitted I wanted something more.

Now I have a fulfilling career as a life coach. It allows me the flexibility to be a present mom and it provides me with the opportunity to do inspiring, life-changing work that makes it worth it to spend time away from my daughters. 

I've found my purpose helping other moms find their purpose. And in doing so, I've created a beautiful, balanced life for myself that allows me to be an engaged mom and an individual too.

Now I want to help you do the same. 



Bold Mom, Balanced Life

Picture this: Six months from now, you know with certainty what your purpose beyond motherhood is. You feel excited. Motivated. Confident. Inspired and alive.

You feel like you've found yourself again.

You're free from the "mom guilt," the fear and the self-doubt that prevented you from prioritizing yourself for so long. Now you have a vision for your future and a plan in place to help you create an abundant life for your family and yourself.

You've discovered your innate gifts and you're using them to make a difference. You have flexibility and the freedom to make an impact in the world AND be the kind of mom you want to be. You have a mentor offering you ongoing support and a community of moms on your team who get where you're coming from and who are all about connecting and helping each other. You even have time for self-care.

It might feel like a stretch now but that kind of bold, balanced life is entirely possible.

But it's hard to get there without perspective and support. 

Fortunately, you don't have to do it alone. Because giving you perspective and support is what this program is all about.

Bold Mom, Balanced Life is a 6 Month GROUP program designed to help moms just like you:

  • Learn how to stop waiting for the right time to find fulfillment outside of motherhood.
  • Give yourself permission to prioritize YOU and explore your passions now.
  • Get clear on what your purpose is and create a plan to pursue it without adding more stress to your life.
  • Shake the "mom guilt" and other dream-stealing emotions that prevent you from living out your purpose and mission beyond motherhood.
  • Build a community of empowered moms to support and encourage you.
  • Create a balanced life that allows you to be an engaged mother and an inspiring woman making an impact in the world.

The Course Details


In our foundation session, you'll learn how to:

  • Make yourself - including your needs, your passions and your self-care - a priority again.
  • Reclaim your identity beyond motherhood NOW.
  • Use permission slips to make it easier to prioritize you.


Session 2: Dealing With Dream-Stealing Emotions

In session two, you'll discover how to:

  • Manage challenging emotions so they no longer have a hold on you.
  • Get past the intense "mom guilt" that gets in the way of your dreams.
  • Deal with the fear and self-doubt that contribute to feeling "not good enough."


Session 3: Making The Commitment

In session three, you'll find out how to:

  • Take a list of rough ideas or a list of potential callings and figure out which one is THE ONE for you. 
  • Get perspective to determine which idea or calling will allow you to create the life you desire.
  • Create doable goals to help you commit to your idea, overcome obstacles and start taking action now.


Session 4: Creating Confidence In Yourself + Ideas

In session four, you'll learn how to:

  • Discover and celebrate your innate strengths and gifts as a mother and woman.
  • Let go of the limiting beliefs that distract you from pursing your purpose.
  • Kick self-doubt to the curb so you can create confidence and make your impact.


Session 5: Building a BalanceD Life

In session five, you'll discover how to:

  • Get clear on what a balanced life looks like for you. (Hint: It's personal so your balanced life shouldn't look the same as anyone else's.)
  • Say NO to things you don't want to do to make more space for the people, things and activities you do want in your life.
  • Create a flexible schedule that includes space for you to be a present mother AND a woman making her impact in the world.


Session 6: Dreaming For The Future

In our final session, you'll learn how to:

  • Dare to dream big and create a vision for your future from a place of possibility.
  • Determine what you need to do now to make that future possible for yourself. 
  • Create realistic short-term goals that support your long-term vision. 

Are you ready?

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*Enrollment for Bold Mom Balanced Life is currently closed. If you're interested in learning more about the program or joining the waiting list for the next round of the program this fall, please apply so we can set up a time to chat about it.

what's included


Your GROUP COACHING Program Includes:

  • A welcome packet. This is my gift to you, a collection of resources designed to start supporting you before we officially get started.
  • 6 group coaching calls (approximately 75 minutes). On our monthly group calls, you'll have an opportunity to engage with the content from each month's theme, get live support and coaching and ask questions on anything and everything. And, you'll get to learn from other members in the group when they ask questions or receive coaching on the calls.
  • A monthly lesson. These go-at-your-own-pace lessons are focused on the monthly themes and designed for self-study so you can explore the topics and take the work deeper when it works best for you. 
  • Customized resources + recommendations. After each call, you'll receive resources, articles, coaching exercises and more to help you dig deeper into this work and create the change you desire in your life. 
  • Membership in a private Facebook group. This members-only group will give you the opportunity to connect with other members in the group, build community, ask questions and support one another between calls. And of course, I'll be in the group daily interacting and answering questions too.  
  • UNLIMITED email access. Throughout the program, I'll be available by email to answer questions and offer you ongoing support in between our group calls. 

EARLY BIRD BONUS: The first five women to sign up for Bold Mom, Balanced Life will receive a private hour-long coaching session, providing them with the one-on-one attention to take this work even deeper.



"I was reluctant to work with a coach at first, even though Ashley came highly recommended. I’m a writer who was struggling with mom guilt and avoiding writing at all costs - I couldn’t allow myself the time or the space I needed to do my own thing. I’m also English and we have a very buttoned-up mentality, so it took me a while to come around to the idea of life coaching. I cannot tell you how pleased I am that I did. Ashley is wonderful, an absolute game changer. Since working with her, I've become visible as a writer and had some amazing work opportunities come my way. I'm rewriting a screenplay, writing an original short story for Kindle and I've had several agents approach me about the novel I'm working on. As a writer and as a mother, Ashley continues to help me achieve that most longed-for commodity in any burgeoning family: balance."

-Gemma Clarke Sands, NYC


“After working with Ashley, I am able to set more attainable and realistic goals for myself as a mom and as a person. I have also reclaimed some of my identity as just “me” and that is a good thing for my whole family. It makes me a better mom and a better partner to my wife. Ashley gets it because she’s been there and she offers real, concrete help. She listens and she cares. She has been tremendously helpful in helping me reframe things, make plans and actualize the change I want to make in my life.”

-Becca Hart Holder, Cambridge, MA


“When I started working with Ashley, I felt like I was lost in a very dark place. My pre-motherhood identity had vanished and I had no idea what could or should take its place. I was exhausted, sad and I couldn't get a foothold on my new life. I was just spinning in my own head and I felt like I was struggling for air. 

Today, my daughter is 10 months old and after working with Ashley for 3 months, I've given myself permission to take care of myself, gotten clearer on my career priorities and am enjoying motherhood so much more than I was when we first started working together. It's been validating to have Ashley listen to my challenges, give me feedback when appropriate and ask great questions that took me deeper than I could have gone by myself.  I feel very lucky to have done this work early on since I know many mothers wait years to find this space for themselves."

-Anna Laman, Asheville, NC


How do I know if life coaching and this program are right for me?

If you have a strong desire to find your purpose outside your life as a mom - to create, to make a difference, to inspire people and make an impact, you're in the right place. But if you really want to find out if coaching is right for you, I hope you'll join me for a FREE 30-minute call. I make myself available for these calls each week because I know it's important for you to share your story and for us to see if this program is right for you before we take the next step.


I've never had a coach before. How does a coaching program work?

In this program, we'll meet as a group by phone for approximately 75 minutes once a month. During that time, we'll focus on the topic for each session and I'll offer live support and coaching for everyone on the line. (The calls are also recorded in case life happens and you can't make it live.) In between sessions, we'll connect by email and within the members-only Facebook group. You'll also receive customized resources from me to help guide you to make changes in your life.


How much time does this program require?

The answer will be different for everyone but you'll need about 75 minutes a month for the coaching calls. You'll also need an hour or two a month to do the lesson and any homework or worksheets I share with you. (And I promise - this is not the kind of homework you had to do in high school.)The amount of time you spend doing additional work - like engaging in the Facebook group, emailing with me or doing suggested reading - is up to you.


How much is the investment for this program?

The investment in this program is $99/month or $497 upfront (for the pay-in-full discount).


I'm in. How and when can I start?

The first step is to jump on the phone for a FREE 30-minute session so we can "meet" each other, chat about timing and make sure this program is the right fit for you. (And if you've read this far, it very likely is.)


Other Questions?

Email me anytime at Or click the button below to book your complimentary call so you can get your questions answered and find out if this program is right for you.

*Enrollment for Bold Mom Balanced Life is currently closed. If you're interested in learning more about the program or want to join the waiting list for the next round of the program this fall, please apply so we can set up a time to chat about it.