HERE's What I know About You: You've Been Dreaming About Getting Featured.

a Lot.

You’ve been imagining the day when you visit your favorite web site and see your guest post on the homepage. Or the day when your product gets featured in your dream magazine and your inbox fills with new orders. Or the day your interview on an incredible podcast goes live and drives new traffic to your web site. Or the day when your byline appears inside a top industry magazine and you realize you can now say you’ve been featured in it.

But even though you have a dream and even though you know WHY you want to get featured - more visibility, more revenue, more growth and more credibility - you don't know HOW to make it happen. You don't know how to pitch.

So you find yourself asking questions like…


Where would I even start?


How Do I know When I'm ready to Get Featured?


How do I know who to pitch Ideas to?


How do I approach someone who’s a waaaay bigger deal than me?


What should My Pitch Be About?


What can I do to increase my chances of getting a yes?

The answers to these questions are well within your reach. So lean in because I'm about to share some really good news: getting featured isn’t nearly as complicated as you think it is. It's actually a pretty simple process, and you can easily learn how to pitch and how to be successful at it with the right information and support.

That's why I've created something just for you.



The Pitch Partner is a 4 week coaching partnership for creatives and entrepreneurs who want to learn HOW to pitch so they can get featured and increase their visibility. Because even though pitching can feel overwhelming and complicated, it doesn’t have to be.


Here's what We're Gonna Do Together:

  • Prep Your Business For Pitching Because you'll have a way better chance of getting a yes on your pitch if you take the time to get your business ready to get featured first. 
  • Find Your Perfect Fit Because you're not just wondering how to pitch but also who to pitch and how to know which platforms and mediums are the right ones for your business and goals. 
  • Get That Pitch Out the Door Because I'm dedicated to helping you complete your pitch by the end of our partnership and support you in sending it out so you can get featured now. 


In case we haven't met yet, I'm Ashley. I help passionate creatives and driven entrepreneurs stop overcomplicating things and learn to simplify their business so they can make more money and experience more freedom in their life.

But I know you're here to talk about pitching, so let me put that in context for you: I'm going to make the pitching process easy on you so you can get past the stress, self-doubt and confusion you're feeling and get featured NOW.

I know that's what you want. Because you understand that getting featured can help you boost your revenue. You get that it positions you as an expert and boosts your credibility. You get that it helps you reach new audiences - ones you never would have reached on your own. You get that getting featured opens doors.

I'm right there with you. I've been playing the pitching game for more than a decade, first as a writer and editor, then as an author and now as a coach. I've pitched countless publications, podcasts and more - and because I've been successful at it, I've enjoyed the perks of getting featured many times over in places like O, The Oprah Magazine, The Huffington Post and Being Boss

I want you to have these opportunities too - and I know you’re right there with me. That’s why I created The Pitch Partner.

Inside the PArtnership

(aka what you'll learn)


WEEK 1: Get Your BIZ Ready

We’ll start by tackling a crucial step in the pitching process that most creatives and entrepreneurs skip.

Before we talk about where you want to get featured and what you want to pitch, we’ll get your business ready to get visible in a bigger way. The steps we'll walk through will make you look like a total professional, will increase the likelihood of getting a yes on your pitch and will help you make the most of those features after you land them. In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Why you need to dial in your messaging before you hit send on a pitch (and what you need to change to make it abundantly clear what you do and who you serve).

  • How to improve your web site so it engages, educates and entices the people you’re pitching. 

  • What you need to do to set up your social media profiles so they boost your credibility and position you as someone people would be foolish NOT to feature.


WEEK 2: Find Your Fit

We’ll take a look at all the places you could get featured and figure out where you should send your next pitch.

Simply put: fit matters. You're far more likely to have success when you pitch platforms and people who are a good match for you, your audience, your business and your current goals. In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Why you need to consider your strengths and weaknesses when you decide which medium to get featured. 

  • How to research potential platforms and publications to determine if they accept pitches and confirm that they’re a good fit.

  • Why it’s essential to consider where your target audience consumes information when deciding where you want to get featured.


WEEK 3: Prep Your Pitch

We’ll determine which pitch idea is your strongest one and make a plan to share it in a way that increases your likelihood of getting a yes.

If you want to master the art of pitching, you have to start with a great and relevant idea, then utilize best pitching practices to create your pitch and send it along. In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to tell which idea of your many ideas is the right one to focus on right now.

  • Why you need to create context for your pitch so it's obvious where it fits and why featuring you or your business is a win-win.

  • How to use best pitching practices to create a pitch that stands out.


WEEK 4: Get REady to Hit Send

We’ll review your pitch to make sure it’s ready and create a post-pitch plan so you know exactly what to do while you're waiting for a response.

Before you send your pitch, we'll walk through it together so you can have absolute confidence that you’ve put your best work forward. We'll also talk about what to do afterward to make the most of getting featured once you get a yes. In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to refine your pitch to make sure it presents your idea in an engaging way and makes it obvious why it's worth featuring.

  • When to follow up on a pitch when you don't get a quick response - and how to do it too.

  • Why you should have a post-feature promotion plan ready to roll out.


$347 Early Bird Price (reserved for the first 3 partnership participants)

Now Let's Chat About The BONUSES

Bonus 1

A copy of 25 Podcasts Worth Pitching, my curated list of the top 25 podcasts you want to have on your pitch list. I've done the legwork to find podcasts that accept guest interviews and cater to creatives and entrepreneurs so you don't have to. (A $150 value)


Bonus 2

My Email Cheat Sheet, which uncovers the exact email formulas the major publishing companies (and top digital platforms) use. This little sheet will save you tons of time and ensures that you won't have to send your pitch to the generic submissions address, then wonder why no one is getting back to you. (A $150 value.)


Early Bird Bonus

If you sign up for The Pitch Partner by June 16th, you'll get my copy of Pitches That Worked (a $200 value). Inside this guide, you'll find copies of the EXACT emails I sent to land features with The Huffington Post, Being Boss and Think Creative Collective. I've also included detailed notes to show you what made these pitches work so you can apply those strategies to your next pitch.

 is this The right fit for you, right now?

You'll know The Pitch Partner is the perfect fit for you if...

  • You have a business, expertise, message or product that you want to get featured - even if you don't feel quite ready yet.
  • You're ready for more visibility, the kind that comes when you get featured in big publications and on other people's platforms.
  • You want to work on your pitching goals with guidance from a coach who will support you 1:1 and tailor every piece of this partnership to your unique business.
  • You’re feeling that mixture of fear and excitement that hits when you’re getting ready to do something that could change the course of your business + accelerate your growth.



If I’ve never pitched or been featured anywhere, can you really help me?

Yes, this partnership is perfect for creatives and entrepreneurs who haven’t pitched before; it's also a good fit for people who’ve tried to pitch on their own and haven't gotten the results they want. So don’t worry if you don’t know a thing about pitching. I'm here to teach you how and support you as you learn the process, and the art.


Will you help me write my actual pitch?

YES! Remember I’m a writer as well as a coach so I will help you put your actual pitch together. However, I’m not going to hand you a done-for-you pitch because I want to empower you in this partnership. I want you to walk away from it with skills you can use again and again and again after our sessions wrap. What I will do is help you determine the focus for your pitch, help you decide who to send it to and edit your draft so it’s ready to go by the end of our time working together.  


How much time do I need to set aside for this partnership?

During the month long partnership, we’ll meet weekly by phone for 50 minute sessions. In between those sessions, I would plan to spend roughly 2-3 hours of work time to tackle the tasks from our call. That might seem like a lot but I believe in committing to a goal and taking fast action. I also want you to have a pitch ready to go in 4 weeks so you can start reaping the benefits of getting featured as soon as possible. 


What other support do I get from you outside the coaching calls?

This is a partnership, which means you’ll have access to me during the entire month should questions, challenges or anything else come up. You'll be able to reach me via email or through our shared Trello board. 


Why are you offering this as a 1:1 partnership instead of an online class or group program on pitching?

The truth? I like working 1:1 with women best. But I'm also teaching the art of pitching in a 1:1 format because I'm not sharing a blueprint or 5 step plan on how to pitch. I want to partner with you to share best pitching practices and then tailor those tools to your specific business to help you reach your goals. If I did this as a course, I simply wouldn't have the bandwidth to support you in that way.


Can you guarantee success?

I can’t guarantee that the first pitch you send out will get an immediate yes. (After all, the gatekeepers at the platforms you’re pitching do have the final say and, from time to time, even the best pitches get passed over.) What I can say is that I’ve got a great track record and long history of success landing features. Also, if you get a no, I will help you create a backup plan so you can send that pitch to your next best choice and keep the momentum going. 


What’s the investment?

The investment in this partnership is $597, but I'm offering it in June at an early bird price for $347 to the first 3 women who sign up. I don’t say that to pressure you into buying right now but just to let you know that there are only a few chances to get the early bird price if you want it.


What if you haven't answered my question here?

If I haven't answered your question here, I am always available to answer it by email. You can reach me at So please ask away - I want you to have all the information you need to know if this is right for you.


How do I sign up?

Just click the button below to reserve your spot in The Pitch Partner. Once your payment goes through, I'll reach out with confirmation and details to set up our first session. 



$347 Early Bird Price (reserved for the first 3 partnership participants)

P.S. One final word

I can still remember the day I heard from The Huffington Post that they'd accepted my piece.

I remember the morning I got an email from an editor at O, The Oprah Magazine saying they wanted to run my story and feature me (me?!) on their contributors page in the front of the magazine.

I remember my first cover story and the thrill of knowing some people would buy that magazine just to read it.

I remember the day my Being Boss blog post ran, and how it brought about an immediate spike in my numbers.

I remember the day I added all those "as featured in" logos to my web site and realized how much credibility I'd earned through pitching my ideas, sharing my expertise and getting featured.

I want you to experience these moments too - and I know that you can and will if you lean into this opportunity to learn how to pitch and get visible in a bigger way.

With love,




$347 Early Bird Price (reserved for the first 3 partnership participants)